Do you need a cheap dental treatment?

Our eastern european dental clinic, in Romania, provides cheap but high quality dental treatments, implants, porcelain crowns. Send us an orthopantomography


Experience and professionalism!

NEW! Dental Care Package for foreign patients!


Dental Care – dental services at high standards performed by a team with over 15 years experience!

Our eastern european dental clinic, located in Romania,  provides cheap but high quality dental treatments, like implants or porcelain crowns. Just send us an orthopantomography!

Unbeatable prices!

Dental Care provides a special package for patients from abroad which contains:


– Dental treatment,

– Transport, accommodation, airport-hotel-clinic free shuttle.

Good Deal!

The total cost of the package is two to three times lower than the cost of a dental treatment in England, Italy or Israel!


Dental Care offers patients a complete range of dental services:

– Metal-ceramic crowns or totally-ceramic (metal free), on teeth or the implants

– Mobile dental prosthesis,

– High performance implants treatments.


All these services are provided by highly competent medical doctors, updated with the latest news in the dental field!




 What should I do to benefit from this package?

Only one thing:

Send us your orthopantomography by email at:

Or contact us just describing the dental problems that you have.


What are we doing for you?

– We make a detailed evaluation of the costs and time required for the dental treatment you need.

– We discuss together about the treatment options

– We ask you to confirm the plan of the treatment and the period in which you want to schedule it.

– We handle the flight reservation, accommodation, transfer (free) from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the clinic.

Our specialists from Dental Care’s team will perform the treatment and will render your perfect smile! The highest quality and best prices!