Romanian Dental Clinic: high quality treatments, best prices

Dental Care clinic – YOUR SMILE, OUR BUSINESS!

Our dental clinic provide to you quality dental treatments (implants, porcelain crowns), at european standards, but with eastern european prices.

At Dental Care you benefit of a complex, painless, efficient and high precision dental treatment in a friendly clinic, equipped with modern equipment!

Unbeatable prices, premium quality at the best prices comparing to those in other west european countries!

Unbeatable rates!

Modern dental clinic, situated in downtown of Iasi, Romania, with private parking, pleasant and friendly ambient and a coquettish waiting room, free wi-fi!

Forget about stress when visit the dentist! Come at Dental Care as a Friend! We guarantee that you will leave with a smile!

How many times have you postponed the visit to the dentist eventhough you had an unbearable toothache?

This nightmare will end forever and you will discover the pleasure of visiting the dentist! This is the Dental Care mission!

Dental Care means painless treatment at high european standards and a professional and friendly team!

Prices that defy crisis!

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 Dental Care is where you will find perfect smile!