Services: esthetic dental treatments, porcelain crowns, dental implants

Romanian dental clinic: dental treatments at european standards: esthetic and cosmetic dental treatments, porcelain crowns and dental implants with best prices!

At Dental Care, patients benefit of modern dental treatments, painless, made with finesse and high professionalism, at unbeatable prices.


Our patients escaping of the stress of visit the dentist! At our dental clinic, patients come as friends and go away with a smile!


Dental Care provide for patients:

Painless treatments!
Modern equipment for sterilization!
Prosthetic work is made by the best dental technician in Iasi!
Personalized treatment regimens, agreed by the patient!
Special attention and special treatment for pregnant women!
Waiting room with wireless internet!
Special programs for children!
Discounts and payment facilities for constant patients and their family!
The first consultation is free!


  • Treatments:
  • Obturation

    Obturatie - CMI DentalCare -

  • Root canal treatment

    Tratamente canal - CMI DentalCare - dentistiasi.roRoot canal treatment is necessary when the tooth root becomes infected due to a deep cavity untreated, or improperly treated; thus, tooth is anesthetized, and penetrating the pulp chamber (nerve)  is made with special needles. The process is entirely painless, well done due to anesthesia, substances of very high quality.

  • Prosthetic Treatment

    Tratamente protetice - CMI DentalCare - dentistiasi.roEsthetic crowns, cermets, Metal and acrylic
    Skeletal prostheses

  • Pedodontics

    Pedodontie - CMI DentalCare - dentistiasi.roYour child’s first visit to the dentist should be enjoyable. .

  • Cosmetic dentistry

    Cosmetica dentara - CMI DentalCare -

    We use professional teeth whitening solutions – WHITE SYSTEM CALCIUM – which offers the advantages of whitening through a unique system that contains calcium.

    Teeth Whitening – is currently the most common cosmetic treatment prescribed.